The Early Days of Benjamin Jack Williamson

The purpose of this blog is to capture the very beginning of our new baby Benjamin's life. I hope this will be a simple way for our family and friends located across the country and world to stay in touch with what is happening with Benjamin, Steve, Me, and of course, Buster Brown.

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving 2009. Steve ran a 10K, I cooked the turkey, and Ben watched Buster when he wasn't watching Madagascar.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"November 2009 Fun!"

"November 2009 Fun!"

Check out our most recent pictures!!! Ben is quite the little boy.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ben on Halloween this year was never short of having fun! Although there was no nap involved throughout the day (we tried for 2 hours to lay him down) Ben still managed to participate in the neighborhood carnival, hayride, and he even lasted well into the night to pass out candy to the around 200 or so trick or treaters we had - no kidding! We had so much fun! Ben at the end of the night! He was just so tired he passed out on the dining room floor.

Ben passing out candy!
Mommy in her pink lady outfit!

Mommy and her T-Bird ben passing out candy.

Papa and his fellow T-Birds.

Ben and Papa on the hay ride!

Close up.

Our family...this was pre-pink lady for me. I actually had a mask and called myself a mom gone mad. That's seriously the truth.

Ben playing musical dots at the neighborhood carnival.

The cutest T-Bird ever!!

Ben's first costume - Thomas the Train.

Making a bag for the pinata candy!

Sweetie pie.

Our house all decorated for Halloween!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three years-old and the cute-ness doesn't end! Ben continues to grow exponentially - both physically and mentally. While he hasn't gained any weight - he stays around 40 pounds, he continues to grow taller and he's about 3 and 1/2 feet tall. He has an amazing vocabulary and can explain to us how he feels using so many descriptive words. This is very helpful to all of us! Ben is sleeping through the night and usually sneaks into our bed very early in the morning. It's fun to wake up to him - he's like a little heater. That's it for now! Enjoy...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Incredible Young Boy

We had a fun week visiting with Auntie Rachel and Baby Taylor aka T2! Ben and Auntie sweet!

We visited lots with the greatest new Mommy: Maikke and her 5 -day old girl Mira and super chihuahua Cocolee...we need some pictures of Papa Lukasz too...

Ben celebrating the big 3 with mama and papa at home.

Ben is growing up so quickly. As a mother, this fact is bitter sweet - probably the same for all parents. It's bitter because that once so helpless infant is no more; but sweet because he's asserting himself as an incredibly capable, independent, and strong boy. I am in awe of him and want to take in these times as much as possible.

Ben looking like a big boy....

Ben playing with Taylor. Ben says Taylor is good at sharing. :)

Baby Mira! She is so beautiful...

I thought these flashback pictures of Ben were so interesting! Take a look back and think about how far he's come! After seeing our great friends Maikke and Luk become parents, selfishly - I know, it's made me reflect on Ben. Baby Mira was born on June 1st around 3 pm - almost exactly 3 years after Ben. It was hard not to look at sweet Baby Mira without thinking about how fast the time has gone!
Check out the changes below!!!
Ben right after the birth - giving the lungs and vocal chords a test.

When I was still able to smile instead of groan in pain or hallucinate. :) Point to note: Ben wasn't out yet!

Little wrapped up button brain.

Ben has had a hard time adjusting to his new classroom at his montesorri school. But who can blame him for that? He's been in a toddler classroom for the last year with his teachers Lia and Claudia. He loves his teachers very much but because of his age, he is moving to the next class - preschool one. His teachers say he is more than ready. There is more space in that room and its more for kids his size. In our teacher conference, Lia said Ben is very smart, and very outgoing. I know he'll get used to it but it's difficult to watch how difficult the transition is for Ben. He's otherwise one of the happiest children I know.
This video shows how much fun Ben can be! He is so fun to be around.
Ben playing with newspaper.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ben is Three Years Old!

Ben with mama and papa at a celebration for his number three! We had many little parties to celebrate this momentous birthday!

Ben with Papa cheezin' for the camera!

Ben being goofy!

Looking very serious!

With his friend Taylor!

Ben at the San Francisco Discovery Museum...

Ben is three years old today! We are delighted to see Ben growing. He is the master of gross motor skills: this kid would probably skate board right now if I let him. He loves to stare at skateboarders for hours and watch with true fascination and envy. We have asked many skateboarders when they started and 5 years old seems like the earliest. No way to the skateboarding says this mom! For now, Ben shows great athletic potential. He is super fast on the bike and very daring. He truly has no fear! Ben speaks so many words. He has amazed us with the words he chooses to use; saying such things as, "This is delicious," and, "Please can I have more broccoli." Seriously! Ben melted my heart when he said, "Mama, you're the bestest friend ever!" He has repeated this and even told Steve it too. We'll take it because it just melts my heart! He is fascinating to watch and I fall more and more in love with him everyday. He is a great son. His "Papa" and I feel truly lucky. What else can a mother say.

Ben riding his bike in the neighborhood.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ben getting angry at almost 3! Notice the smirk as he's gliding backwards on his tricycle. So sweet! We love him so much and can't get enough of him. Thanks to Uncle Luk, Auntie Maikke and Couin CoCo-Lee for coming over and helping us load these videos! They are awesome.

Ben and Mommy singing a familiar tune!

Ben's favorite song with Mommy and at school...

Ben at the Park!

Here's a video of Ben at the park throwing the frisbee! He almost hits Uncle Luk in the face. Yeah! It works.